Visitor Visa Options



If you wish to know this wonderful country which charms and attracts millions of people every year, with its beaches, deserts, mountain ranges, animals and many other attractions that will make your holidays unforgettable, you need a tourist visa. Entry in Australia for non-citizens, whatever the reason of your trip, is under condition of holding a visa.

Working holiday maker:

Australia has agreements with some countries (England, France, Italy, Japan, China, Germany, Canada, The Netherlands, Ireland, Korea, Malta, Denmark, Sweden, Hong Kong, Belgium, Estonia, Finland, Cyprus and Taiwan) in order to give a number of people every year the right to come for holidays and at the same time be able to work legally in Australia.

If you are between 18 and 30 years old and have citizenship of one of the countries above, make the most of it and take the chance to enjoy a wonderful holiday without spending much. Most people manage to find enough work to pay for their trip, accommodation, travel and even save some money.

It's not difficult to find casual jobs and you'll find a lot of vacancies in the fields of tourism, hospitality, interpreting, translation, cleaning, child and old age care, hairdressing, hair and nails care, arts and much more.

The time of work cannot exceed 3 months in each job, but you can have several jobs, i.e., 3 jobs of 3 months each and the other 3 months you can travel or study, on top of having an experience that could motivate you to migrate permanently to Australia.

Business visas:

Business visitor Visa options include:

  • Business (Short Stay) visa
  • Sponsored Business Visitor
  • Electronic Travel Authority (ETA)

Other visitor visas:

There are also a number of specialist visas for Workers, Trainees, Entertainers, Sports people, Religious workers, Academics and those seeking medical treatment or retiring.